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Wrist Sizing & Cuff Care

Measuring/Sizing Tips:

It is suggested that you measure your wrist for proper sizing. Using a flexible measuring tape works best. If one is not available, using a string to wrap around your wrist and then stretching it out alongside a ruler works as well.

The measurements listed for each leather cuff bracelet are based on its inner circumference (the inside part of the circle).

We use an EZ Bracelet Sizer Cone to measure each cuff and give very accurate measurements for all items listed; so please use these measurements to ensure that the leather cuff bracelet will fit.

*How snug or loose the leather cuff fits will depend on how well you measure your wrist.*

Caring for Your Leather Cuffs

Any backings from pins, brooches, buckles, clips, etc. have been removed; so please be advised that these embellishments/adornments are not interchangeable & should not be removed from the cuff. 

Do not pull, tug, twist, expose to extreme temperatures, or emerge attachments into water or other liquids.

Although the embellishments are securely attached to the leather, please handle with care.

Most of our added adornments have survived many decades (some gracefully, some not so), and are still worthy of the new life and love given.